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Goodgame Studios Empire Top 14 Tips

          Goodgame Empire - Top 14 Tips


          A lot of people surf the web looking for tips on the game Empire by Goodgame Studios. What I have found, most sites don't offer an actual step by step list of things needed to succeed at this game. Today I will be sharing with you a few things I've learned on my journey to becoming King of my empire.


1. Use a valid email to receive ruby bonuses!
When you first begin the game, you are awarded 300 rubies after completion of a few levels. The only way to obtain this prize is to have a valid email address.

2. Do not attack any real person before your protection mode fades.
Take the entire 7 days to develop your castle and army. You will have plenty of time to attack people but ensuring you have a solid foundation is a must. Protection mode allows you to develop your castle and not worry about higher level players attacking you before you are ready. If you are confused on how to develop your castle or would like assistant, check out how to develop your castle here

3. Do NOT waste rubies early on in the game to complete buildings, buy tools, purchase slots or anything. 
The first purchase you should make with your rubies should be a bakery in your main castle. Food is one of your most valuable assets in this game and the more food you can produce, the larger your army can become. With a bakery, food consumption is reduced thus having the same effect as increasing food production.

4. Do not rush to level!
Take your time and let your castle develop properly. Preparation earlier in the game will help ensure your success in the game.

5. At level 7, create all three taverns.
being as this is a war game, gaining intel on prospective targets is key in preparation for the attack. You can create a maximum of 3 taverns and I suggest you create them as soon as possible.

6. Always be attacking something.
When you are fresh to the game and coin collection is sub 500 coin / 10 minutes, attacking robber baron castles will be a main source of income.If you have commander available to leader your troops, you should send them out. Even if you only have a few offensive units, there are bound to be robber baron castles level 1-5 somewhere on your world map.

7. Always send spies before attacking another players castle.
Always send spies before attacking another players castle as you never know what may be in store when you hit their castle. Just because a castle looks deserted, or is completely covered in flames, it may be home to 100's of troops.

8. Always create the best offensive / defensive units that you can make.
Even though there are multiple units available for creation, always create the strongest unit type you have. Visit my Goodgame Empire Defending guide. 

9. Attack robber baron castles level 3 and higher for a chance to loot rubies.

10. If you see an outpost who's main castle is in ruins, attack it for resources
If you see an outpost who's main castle is in ruins, attack it for resources as you will not have to worry about retaliation from the owner of the outpost. If the outpost looks nice, you may even be able to capture it and keep the current development on it rather than starting from scratch.

11. Look for 8:2 food outpost to capture
Look for 8:2 food outpost as they are the best to substain a large army. This is a war based game and the more troops you can feed, the more successful you will become.

12. Plan accordingly when going offline. 
 If you are going offline for awhile, send your offensive units off to attack some robber baron castles far away. If you are attacked while offline, your offensive units will be safe as they are on their own campaign. I would rather lose a few units attacking robber baron castles than losing my entire offensive army to a surprise enemy attack while I'm sleep.

13. Build guardhouses! Create enough guardhouses to keep spies out! I can't stress this enough. An enemy is more inclined to attack someone they can gain intel on rather rather than sending their units off into the unknown to meet their doom.

14. When attacking, send tools. 
Always and I mean always send tools when attacking. You want to at least send enough tools to cancel out the defenders defense bonus. I usually send 2-3 waves of tools depending on my spy report.

That is it for this installment. I will be addng more content, guides, tips and tricks in the upcoming weeks including:
Guide to rubies!
Guide to coin
The Art of Defending - Goodgame Empire

and more. Stay tuned!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Goodgamestudios Empire Leveling guide 1-9

After submitting your username and password, you will be taken through the brief tutorial. After completion of that tutorial you are given your very own castle to build into an empire. Starting the game off right is the first step to power when building your empire. This guide will provide powerful insight into Goodgamestudios Empire Game.

*Note* Before I go any further I would like to let you know a secret. Do not and I repeat DO NOT spend rubies to complete buildings, or buy tools at this point in the game. You should save all rubies until you can afford a bakery first!

Level 1 :
This level you have to build 1 stone quarry and 1 wood cutter. Congratulation ! You are now level 2.

Level 2:
For this level, the quest tells you to upgrade a tower to level 1. You also have to extend you castle walls, build your barrack, and train a spearman. Congratulations ! You are now level 3.

Level 3:
You begin level 3 by building a farmhouse and a dwelling structure. After you complete the building of your dwellings, you are told to send your tax collector out for 30 minutes. This is something you should familiarize yourself with, as the tax collector will be one of your main supplies of coin to run your empire. After you send your tax collector out, you are given the task to build your defensive workshop as well as to extend your walls once again. Congratulations ! You are now level 4

Level 4:
Level 4 gives you the ability to name your castle! You also have to level your woodcutter building up to level 2, create a storage, build encampment, build siege workshop and create 3 macemen. I usually go ahead and create 5 as they will be needed anyway. Congratulations ! You are now level 5.

Level 5:
This level is where things begin to change and your castle starts to look like an actual castle. Your first quest for level 5 ask you to create an additional dwelling building. Prior to completing this quest, you should do a few things first. These list of items will help you so that you can develop your castle within the least amount of time.

*Note* As you increase in level upwards to level 10, each structures build time increases until level 10 or so, therefore to ensure that you get the most out of your castle within the least amount of time, these steps are a guideline. You may alter or change any of them at any given time.

*Note* At this point, you should have a small army (3+ units). Start attacking robber baron castles level 1 to acquire more resources/ coin from them.

Quick guide to low level robber barons:
Level 1 - send 1-3 macemen
Level 2 - send 3-5 macemen
Level 3 - send 5-8 macemen
Level 4 - send 8+ macemen
Level 5 - send 11+ macemen

Now to begin.
Level 5 checklist:
*5 woodcutter buildings (upgrade each to level 2)
*5 stone quarry
*5 farmhouses
*5-7 decorative items (I usually just start with the barrels until I unlock the flagpole/swordman statue items)
*Extend castle walls as far as you are able to without spending rubies. (next at level 7)
*Upgrade all towers to level 1 (There should be 8 total at this point)

Only after you have completed these steps should you proceed with building your second dwelling. Congratz!! You are level 6.

Level 6 checklist:
*5 stone quarry (upgraded to level 2)
*5 farmhouses (upgraded to level 2)
*3-6 dwellings total (The more dwellings, the more tax you collect, but the lower your public order becomes. Decorative items help to leverage this)

Congratulation! You are now level 7.

Level 7:
At level 7 you unlock a few new buildings including the Tavern as well as the Guardhouse. The Tavern allows you to send spies out to opponent castles to gain intel as to what may be in store for your attacking army. The Guardhouse, on the other hand, is the opposite of the tavern, as they are used to catch spies and lower the chance of someone successfully spying on your castle. Someone is more inclined to attack someone they can spy on v. someone who they cannot see what units may be hidden within the castle walls. There is a limit to 3 taverns and when fully upgraded (level 3) you have the capability to have 15 spies.

*Note* More spies can be owned via other means.

Level 7 checklist:
*25 macemen
*3 Taverns
*Extend castle walls (Next extension level 10)
*2-3 Guardhouses
*All towers upgraded to level 1

After you have completed the above items, then and only then will you send out your spy to complete the quest. Congratz!! You are now level 8.

Level 8:
You're on your way to becoming a real power! If you have followed the above steps, your castle is beginning to really take shape! As you begin level 8, you'll notice you have a quest from the queen/princess. You can complete those easier parts asap to gain exp. Although you may hit level 9 prior to finishing all of these steps, here is the list!

Level 8 checklist:
*5 woodcutter buildings (upgrade each to level 3)
*dwellings upgraded (level 2)
*Barrack upgraded (level 2)
*5-15 Siege Ladders
*3-5 Battering Ram
*5 Stone Throwing
*3 Castle Gate Reinforcement

Level 9:
After hitting level 9, the first priority you should have is creating your stables. This allows your units to travel faster as you farm robber baron castles, attack enemy players, trade resources, etc.. After completion of the stables continue with the checklist where ever you left off.

Level 9 checklist:
*Stables (Priority)
*Farmhouses (upgraded level 3
*Stone quarry (Upgraded level 3)

This was just a brief overview of the basic approach I used to start my Goodgamestudios Empire as it is the most time efficient. Bookmark this page for more updates, tips, etc..!!

Coming soon:
How to defend your castle.
Top 14 tips for Goodgamestudios Empire
The non ruby buyer guide to Goodgamestudios Empire
And more!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Goodgame Empire

Good Game Empire

Good Game Empire was released August 31, 2011 by Good Game Studios. I actually started playing the game because my girlfriend found it browsing the web looking for games to play. As I am addicted to games the require strategic thinking, I quickly signed up and began my journey to create and empire.

The Art of Defending - Goodgame Empire Strategy Guide 

    Now the game itself is quite interesting. The game is based or takes place during the medieval time period. You start the game off doing a brief tutorial catching a glimpse of what is going to unfold as you progress throughout the game, by quickly constructing a few buildings and sending a prebuilt army off to attack a castle. After completing the opening tutorial, you are rewarded your very own empire in which you have to build, protect, harvest materials, train soldiers and conquer opposing enemy empires. You can forge alliances, declare war, and support other players. This is the bases to why I continue to play, to become the largest empire ever to play the game.
    The game is played in a real time fashion, meaning you don't necessarily have to baby sit the game constantly. Gathering resources, constructing buildings and weapons, going to war and recruiting soldiers all take time. This is not a super fast  paced game, giving those with limited time a fighting chance as you can check in periodically during the day. I myself, frequently check the status of my empire on breaks, lunch breaks and randomly throughout the evenings.
    Starting off at level 1, things are very limited. You basically build your empire from scratch. The first five levels or so introduce you to the various game play mechanics and options available during game play, with additional options becoming available as you level and gain experience.
    The first thing you will notice is that you have resources listed at the top of your screen; wood, iron, food as well rubies and coins located on the left side of the game screen. These are the resources available to use through the game.

That is all for now but stay tuned for my very own strategy guide that I followed when I first started playing the game to maximize potential in this on going battle for power in Empire!